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Safety Advisory Committee


Chairman: Bob Garlington - Vice-Chairman

Email Address: [email protected]

The Security Advisory Committee is not designed to substitute for police protection. Nor is it a Crime Watch in the sense of neighborhood patrols. Rather, we want to encourage our citizens to supplement police activities by providing extra eyes and ears, and caring about our neighbors.


Enhance safety awareness through increased citizen awareness of crime problems and their impact on the community.

Working in tandem with the precinct Four Constable’s Office we want to investigate the latest ideas and trends in both property crimes and crimes against persons, learn how to prevent those types of crimes in the community, and communicate this information to the community.

Encourage the accomplishment of home security inspections, operation identification, and target hardening by all neighborhoods.

Encourage accurate and prompt reporting of crimes or suspicious activity in the neighborhood to the police, and encourage citizens to come forward as witnesses.

We ask our residents to communicate to SAC by use of the above email address which you may access by clicking on the address which is found under the "Security" tab at the association website:

We want to learn of citizen concerns about conditions or situations they observe where timely warnings to our neighbors may be appropriate. These warnings or notices will be posted from time to time under the "Security" section of the association website. Some situations, such as recurring incidents of similar crimes in the neighborhood may warrant email blasts to residents. The SAC is not a Crime Watch Patrol; nor is it intended to be a mediator of neighborhood disputes. For the most party we expect situations reported to SAC may require more direct involvement on the part of our Precinct Four deputies.