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The homeowners of the ACIA are proud that Atascocita is one of the fastest growing residential neighborhoods in the nation. Atascocita is bordered by Lake Houston and is home to many parks, golf courses, Country Clubs and over 15 established neighborhoods. Our community is a diverse and thriving mix of neighborhoods. We have excellent schools and outstanding medical facilities within 15 minutes of Atascocita.

The ACIA has beautiful water front lots, a picturesque wooded park, a large marina, as well as swimming and tennis facilities. Some sections also offer scenic lake and water front lots and also stunning homes within this elegant tree lined neighborhood. Amenities throughout the ACIA are available for all residents.

The Atascocita Community Improvement Association welcomes anyone who is currently a resident or any prospective residents to contact us with any questions.

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NOTICE of 2019 Election of Trustees and 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members of ATASCOCITA COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION

Please take notice that the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members of Atascocita Community Improvement Association (the “Association”), a Texas non-profit corporation, will be held on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 7:30 pm at The Overlook, 20114 Pinehurst Drive, Atascocita, TX 77346. The meeting will be held for the following purpose:

Election of two (2) Trustees for a three (3) year term

If you would like to run for an open Director position, please submit your name to the Association, and your name will be placed on the ballot at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

For your name to be on the ballot at the annual meeting, all nominations must be received by Friday, December 14th at 12:00 PM. You may (1) mail to: ACIA c/o Community Asset Management (“CAM”), 9802 FM 1960 Bypass-W, Suite 210, Humble, Texas 77338, or (2) fax to 281-852-9111.

If your nomination is received timely, your name will be placed on the ballot.

Your input is important to the Association, and we urge you to attend the 2019 Annual Meeting. By a later mailing all members will receive an absentee ballot form for them to use if they cannot attend the meeting. The sole purpose of the absentee ballot is to allow their vote to still count if they are unable to attend the Annual Meeting.

Should you have any questions regarding the Annual Meeting, please do not hesitate to contact CAM at (281) 852-1155.

Thank you, in advance, for your continued interest and support of Atascocita Community Improvement Association.

Atascocita Community Improvement Association


Residents can sign up and receive emails with the latest information and news sent directly to their inbox. After signing up, residents should login to their accounts and select the privacy settings of their choice. This process will restrict or display certain personal information listed in the Community Resident Directory.


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