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Serving the communities of Pinehurst, Shores, Pines, Golf Villas, Ivy Point, Club Point & Estates of Pinehurst


ACIA Amenities – Did You Know?

The ACIA pools are available for private events and parties.  If you are interested in scheduling an event or need additional information, you can find it on the Atascocita Community Improvement Association - Website - Pool Information.  You can also contact ACIA Pool Manager Landon Reed at:  [email protected]  765-606-9774

Existing Key FOBs will not work for the 2018 season. All community members will need new Key FOBs to access either pool. These can be picked up at CAM. The cost will be $15 per FOB.

Marina Keys

If you have purchased 2018 keys and were given 2017 keys until the change there will be no cost for a new key, just exchange the key. The blue top magnetic key was for 2016 and does not work on the existing lock, you will need a 2018 key at the cost of $40. If you were just getting buy from last years key and do not have proof that you bought the key in 2018, your new 2018 key will cost $40 for 2018 upgrade. Pick up your new key at CAM. 281-852-1155.

Visible House Numbers Can Save Precious Time

Having the house number painted on the curb in reflective paint will assist emergency personnel locate the house easier day or night. Luminous paint is much easier for emergency vehicles to spot. For emergency responders, finding specific addresses can be difficult if the numbers are not clearly visible from the street.

Can your address be seen from the street while sitting in a vehicle in the middle of the night? After all, that’s how an emergency vehicle approaching a residence will be looking at it. Emergency responders can get close, however, if you don't have numbers clearly visible, precious minutes will be wasted.

Painting kits are available in local stores and online for residents interested in a DIY project. There are also many businesses that can provide this service at a reasonable price.

Everyone is encouraged to ensure they have a legible address because their life could depend on it.

$100 million FM 1960 widening project includes 3 overpasses in Atascocita

For more information go to the Valuable Links section in the Page listing located on the right of the Home Page.

No Meeting tonight

 Dear Homeowners:

The Board of Directors for the Atascocita Community Improvement Association will be having the regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday,  from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30:pm., at The Overlook 20114 Pinehurst Drive, Atascocita, TX 77346.

The subject of the meeting is general business of the Association, including but not limited to, discussion of items related to the Association budget and expenditures as well as discussion of repair and maintenance of the assets owned by the Association.

Discussions involving personnel, pending or threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, and confidential communications with the Association attorney, matters involving invasion of privacy of owners, and other matters that are confidential by request of an affected party and agreement of the Board are discussed in executive session.

We hope you will join us to hear what is going on in your community!

Very Truly Yours,

Atascocita Community Improvement Association 

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