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Serving the communities of Pinehurst, Shores, Pines, Golf Villas, Ivy Point, Club Point & Estates of Pinehurst


The homeowners of the ACIA are proud that Atascocita is one of the fastest growing residential neighborhoods in the nation. Atascocita is bordered by Lake Houston and is home to many parks, golf courses, Country Clubs and over 15 established neighborhoods. Our community is a diverse and thriving mix of neighborhoods. We have excellent schools and outstanding medical facilities within 15 minutes of Atascocita.

The ACIA has beautiful water front lots, a picturesque wooded park as well as swimming and tennis facilities for the residents, some sections also offer scenic lake and water front lots, as well as stunning homes within this elegant tree lined neighborhood. ACIA has a large marina, tennis courts and swimming pool facilities for its residents. Amenities throughout the ACIA are available for all residents.

The Atascocita Community Improvement Association welcomes anyone who is currently a resident or any prospective residents to contact us with any questions.


$100 million FM 1960 widening project includes 3 overpasses in Atascocita
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 Dear Homeowners:

The Board of Directors for the Atascocita Community Improvement Association will be having the regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, July 23  from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30:pm., at The Overlook 20114 Pinehurst Drive, Atascocita, TX 77346.

The subject of the meeting is general business of the Association, including but not limited to, discussion of items related to the Association budget and expenditures as well as discussion of repair and maintenance of the assets owned by the Association.

"This meeting will include an extensive report from the committee which has been charged with reviewing the ACIA Income/Expenses. At this meeting there will be an in-depth discussion of the current financial condition of the ACIA along with a visual presentation."

Discussions involving personnel, pending or threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, and confidential communications with the Association attorney, matters involving invasion of privacy of owners, and other matters that are confidential by request of an affected party and agreement of the Board are discussed in executive session.

We hope you will join us to hear what is going on in your community!

Very Truly Yours,

Atascocita Community Improvement Association 


Residents can sign up and receive emails with the latest information and news sent directly to their inbox. After signing up, residents should login to their accounts and select the privacy settings of their choice. This process will restrict or display certain personal information listed in the Community Resident Directory.


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